Monday, 26 January 2015

The Ambitious Plans of 2015

After the limited achievements of 2014 it stands to reason that I might as well try something more ambitious for 2015. For those of you who regularly follow my Twitter or Facebook will know that I have had plans brewing for a while.

For those less aware my plan is to complete the 2015 Centurion Running Grand slam. Having now officially signed up to all 4 races I feel I can formally confirm my plans. I have completed SDW100 and NDW100 in 2013, but have yet to run the other two. Invariably I will run some other smaller races in build up and between these, but they will all be with the clear goal of completing the grand slam.

In preparation for this I have rejoined the gym and got my treadmill all set and ready for training on. I know some people are hyper critical of both these formats of training, but they work for me and were part of my success in completing the Downs Double in 2013.

With a clear idea of training level required I have the full backing of my wife, both for the races but also the training involved. It's easy to overlook how much time training will take. Whilst I love the training without careful planning it will quickly become a nuisance to my wife. Between the time in the gym, on the treadmill, on the trails and recce runs, the whole thing needs to be planned. So plans are in place with monthly targets to hit, but the micro level to the training plan will be reviewed each Sunday for the week ahead. This allows the flexibility for life to happen. I'm also plotting in recce runs. I think the most useful thing of all is a shared electronic calendar. Last year and every year for the last 9 years my wife and I have often come to logger heads when realising we have double booked (or with my forgetfulness sometimes triple booked ourselves.) A shared calendar stops that happening and has been a life saver. Albeit it sometimes resulting in the occasional phone call when a calendar alert pings up announcing a race or a run that I am planning. NB: Ask the wife before putting it on the calendar.

The task for 2015 is a big one. I want to be at the start line of each race knowing that I have trained well and am as fit as I ever have been. I want to be able to start and finish with no excuses lined up in the back of my mind. I've never started a year this determined and I will give everything I can. At the time of writing this I am 35lb away from my target weight. This will have a mammoth effect as that is more than my toddler weighs. My wife is hugely supportive of this plan, I just need to not buy sweets. For me apps like strava and myfitnesspal keep me honest and accountable. As does this blog. So such articles are purely self indulgent, but the knowledge that I will make myself accountable, even if this is only to one reader, still drives me to achieve the bold statements I am making.

My plans for the grand slam are as folliws.

A) finish all races sub 24 hours
B) finish all races and SDW sub 24
C) finish all races in whatever state possible.

A) is hugely ambitious for me, but is one that will drive me on in my training when I am feeling lazy and wanting to quit.

So that is the year ahead for me. There will be Many many adventures along the way, not least of all with the world holding nothing but magic and wonderment for my children.

The year will conclude with some magic in October when we go to Disney world. Yes this will be my warm weather taper for the Autumn 100. I did have a few nervous moments awaiting the date of the Autumn 100. To my relief I am back from holiday 3 days prior. So now I can focus on enjoying my running and training hard.

I hope everyone else reaches their targets in 2015.

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