Friday, 6 February 2015

Grandslam Training: 85 days to go.

Since my last blog training has been limited. Work has been mental and with little time to engage with my family let alone train the volume has not been what I'd hoped. With that said I've still trained and what I've done has aided progress.

In 85 days I will be 4 hours in to the TP100. I know in myself with solid training I will be ready. Now is the time to really hold on to that countdown clock and not lose focus. It's plenty of time to train , but only if that is consistent. Now it's time to start introducing long runs (20+ miles) into the mix. My plans carry an average of 50 miles running per week

I have made some determined decisions this week. I have gone back to roots of my training. I know what works for me and that is blood sweat and tears. So that's what we will do. At the gym this week I put the trance music on full volume and went for it. With effort rates up I was moving faster and lifting heavier. I know this doesn't work for everyone, but the little sadistic voice in my head is quite happy to beat me up.

All this holds to the point I've reflected on. Getting caught up in gimmicks can detract from the process. I've been guilty of seeing things work for others and thinking "I'll do that instead." Looking back the reality is I wasn't training enough not that I was training badly. Similarly I stopped using gels. Why? Probably because someone told me of "better" options. This applies to other aspects of my running as well. So thinking less and running more I'm back to training the way I love. I shall try running using Gu gels again. Aside from anything they are readily available during the centurion running events. I am also running in a shoe I'm the most comfortable I have been in years. Sure my set up won't work for everyone, but it only needs to work for me.

As part of my resolve I made the traumatic decision that until TP100 I am abstaining from sweets and crisps. This is a big challenge as I have a massive sweet tooth. My food diaries show these as holding me back. I want to run well and be healthy. Let's see what the end to the week brings and with next week a high mileage week I will check back in to make sure I have not lost my sanity or am searching for a haribo gummi bear under the sofa.

Happy training everyone.

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