Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Thames Path 100 fast approaching.

So with 10 days and a bit until race day the excitement is beginning to build. Having run 100's a 50 and been on a Aid station I can say I love every element of the Centurion Running experience. With beautiful sunshine only serving to ramp up my excitement.

I've not had a chance to recce the course, but between a map, course markings and the helpful pointers on the website I'm sure I will be ok. I've done a few races since my last 100 miler in 2013, but the 100 mile distance remains my favourite. I love the time outside and every aspect of such a race where after a little bit of running everything is about the moment you are in. I'm trying to be more organised this year not just with packing, but with knowing the checkpoints and target times. These targets are not to exude pressure, but rather to keep focus about running and nothing else. It's also to ensure I am disciplined and don't allow myself to set off too fast. This plan would result in a 23hr42 min finish. Let me be clear that this is massively optimistic, but in truth I genuinely don't know how fast I will go. I've trained reasonably well and I think I'm now a smarter runner than in 2013. I'm heavier than I'd like to be, but this is coming down. I guess we will just see how it goes on race day.

With the Grandslam in mind this race is to spring board me into the South Downs 100 where I hope to be nearer to goal weight. This year either way is about having some fun with my running family from which I have made some life long friends. It never ceases to amaze me how for such an isolated sport everyone, for the most part , are incredibly sociable.

So no doubt having said all this it will be torrential rain and unforecast snow blizzards on 3rd May. What ever happens I have no doubt all the runner will be in safe hands and enabled to have a great run. I've some amazing memories including my wife walking the last 9miles of SDW100 with me in 2013, openning my father's day gift at midnight on the SDW. For those of you who read my blogs, the lucky sixpence has fixed residency in my slab. I'm looking forward to generating a few more memories and looking back hopefully this will inspire my children to grow up to believe everything is possible with a bit of self belief and dedication.

So see you all at the race. Thanks for the encouragement on Twitter, in person etc. Will I finish in under 24 hours??? Anything is possible, will I have a whole lot of fun trying???? Absolutely!!!

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