Saturday, 12 August 2017

Would you like chips with that?

So Friday was a big deal. Did anything notably life changing happen??? Not especially, but I am coming to the view that changing the little things is what makes the big difference. So in heading to Sussex for the weekend we loaded the crew. The kids were locked and loaded into their kindles and the dog settled in the back. We started the journey and were soon stuck on the A14 due to an accident. Knowing my propensity for snacking I had brought a sandwich for Zoe and I to share. From there we progressed to the M11. The M11 was SHUT!!! We were delayed by a further 60-90minutes.

With children stuck in the car we elected, at the point of gathering pace, to pull off into the service station. Service stations are evil. What is it with the crap food choices and propensity to serve everything with chips. I'm surprised there isn't a serving of chips offered up with a coffee. Trying to make a healthy choice in a culture that seems to enable the view that fast food has to be junk food and that junk food is a treat, becomes very difficult.

Looking around the service station it was evident the volume of people gorging on crap. Worse still is the compulsion to then buy over priced sweets and fizzy drinks. It's a habit that is normally a part of my decision making. Thinking about it the concept of junk as a treat has been in my mindset for years. Probably since going to the sweet shop as a kid.

So in the service station it felt like there were choices to be made. I elected for one of the only non-chip options and no sweets were purchased, save for the kids having a packet of Smarties each.

On the start of this journey I've realised it's important to not let the environment control my decisions. So when the question comes "Would you like chips with that?" The answer will firmly remain "No"... except maybe after an Ultra :)

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