Saturday, 11 June 2011

Training Progress

So we are only 14 weeks away from the first of three marathons and first of 5 events. This seemed like a good time to set out on a speed run. Well I say speed run, but, it was intended to be a run to how I feel. This generally results in running within your limit at a pace you can comfortably run at.

I was quite taken aback by my first glance at my watch which read 8:32 per mile. To put that in perspective I have been doing these runs at 9:45. I did not really expect this to last. It was a beautiful day with plenty of early dog walkers and v.little moisture on the grass. Perfect for a run along the river.

I continued to feel really good, the feeling of having a 'bounce' in your step. I assumed that I was obviously slowing down. A glance at the watch and..... 8:12 per mile. I was actually going faster than earlier.

In my enjoyment of the run I missed my turning but didn't mind running around the fields. It did mean running around an extra mile than intended. Not a problem on a comfortable run and knew I would slow down. The day started to get warmer but not too warm.

I approached the mill and it is beautiful at this time in the morning, sorry forgot to take a photo, and still felt good. Just after the mill it's pretty much road all the way home.

I set myself a target of only walking a couple of times for 30secs and stuck to this absolutely fine. Approaching St Ives bridge I was on for a good time still holding pace.

Into the last 1/2mile i decided to up tempo and finally finished in a sprint. The final time... 1hr 13min 43sec over 8.71miles which was an average of 8:28 per mile. All before 9am. Guess I didn't slow down.

So I guess gym work and landscaping a garden all contribute to good training. In short I'm on course for my challenge.

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Have a great day!!!

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