Monday, 14 November 2011

The final run looms!!!

With the date being the 14th November it means only 5days until the Brecons Ultra. A 45mile run in the Brecon Beacons. It is hard to believe that I have got to this point. It seems hard to believe that only a few weeks ago I had never run a marathon. In the space of 4weeks I ran three and a half marathon on top of it. A break of a few weeks now sees me about to run 45 miles. This is my first venture into Ultra marathons and I can honestly say that I cannot wait!! The excitement and anticipation are beginning to build and who knows what adventures, stories and long lasting memories will be created within this challenge.

I have so many memories from the previous events from the finish of my first marathon to the dreaded stairs near Alfriston as part of the Beachy Head Marathon.

It has not all been playing sailing. Whilst (touchwood) I am thus far without significant injuries the tips of my toes have taken a battering.

I will be heading off to the Brecons on Friday evening with my best friend Sam Robson. On Saturday morning there will be an early registration and at 7:30 the race begins. The joy of an ultra marathon is that the term "race" means something very different to other events. I am most looking forward to the mutual respect of all the runners and the enthusiasm just for everyone to finish successfully and safely.

I am clueless at this stage as to how my body will react and therefore cannot know how long this race will take, but it is likely to be somewhere towards the 12hour mark. In turn about 9000. Calories will be burnt.

At the end of this run I will be an ultra marathon runner and I am not sure there will be anyway back from this addiction. As for the challenge I will have run 5 races and a total of 136.7 miles.

This challenge was commenced to raise as much money as possible for St Wilfrids Hospice. A sensational cause. If you have not already donated then please consider sponsoring me. At this stage I have raised £541 but they need all the money they can get and anything you can give will be greatly received.

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