Monday, 23 June 2014

Fat to Fit Take 2!!!

Day 1

The first day. Everything has to start from a first day and so what better place to begin. This time last year I had seen myself get down to a weight of 13st5lb. At this point I had completed the SDW100 and was getting ready to take on NDW100. I was feeling fit, healthy and on my way to a goal weight of low 12st. This was a good space to be in.

Fast forward a year and the story is not quite so great. A dip in mojo, injury, demands of parenthood and a heavily pregnant wife, have all contributed to a steady increase in weight. I am back to 14st13.6, a weight I have been before. I have still managed to run some enjoyable races. In November I took over an hour off my time at Beacons Ultra. I've run a 50 mile race this year and buddied for a friend for 46 miles at GUCR. The frustration comes from missed opportunities. 

What could I achieve if I was at goal weight, well trained and sustaining a balance in my life. I've decided now's the time to find out. I will track my progress throughout the year. This will be in build up to the Centurion Running Grandslam in 2015.

There are so many weight loss articles that spout greatness. This greatness is often achieved through what seems unsustainable diet plans and "quick" fixes that are replaced next week by quicker fixes. If we are to believe the modern propaganda then you can achieve super weight loss and prime physical fitness in just 3 minutes per day. If you don't want the 3 minute plan then there are pills you can take. I often ask myself the following question;

If it's so easy to lose weight and keep fit..... How come so many people are fat...?

The answer I believe is simple. There is no quick fix and it's far from easy. My intention now is to charter my progress with a culmination in a successful Grandslam. There will undoubtedly be challenges along the way, not least of all the arrival of my second child. I hope that logging progress and accountability will push me on to what I have achieving what I have classified as my successes. With any luck I will be able to glean enough useful information to aid others as well. Hopefully assist people with more than simply a before and after shot, with a "I ate this...... Did this..... And now I'm thin" I find these articles actually pretty deflating and unhelpful. A photograph of me yesterday served to tell me what I already knew and now it's time to be focused again. I love to train and train hard. The challenge can be fitting this into daily life, but something that I will ensure I do.

Next weekend I take on Endure24. This will be great fun and a real opportunity to benchmark my ability over this type of running. Whether I run 80miles or 100miles it will give me a clear indication of where I am at and the progress I need to make.

So whether your journey begins today, tomorrow, next week or is restarting, I hope this regular update will prove inspiring. From my perspective it keeps me accountable and keeps me constantly re-evaluating what I'm doing and what I'm trying to achieve. Maybe it will help others to know it's not that bloody easy and the answer isn't a pill or a quick 3minute workout.

So with all that said my journey starts today. Have a great day everyone.

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