Friday, 4 July 2014

Fat to Fit Take 2! Week 1

Fat to Fit Take 2!

Week 1

So just over a week has moved on since my last declaration around training and weight loss. At intervals I will continue to blog updates. They may not always be witty or interesting, but will always be honest.

So what has changed in the week gone? Have I had numerous epiphanies, changed my diet to nothing but nuts and lettuce, magically over night undone months of bad habits, or done any of the other things you can read in articles in popular running magazines? The simple answer is no. Nor am I now in a world where my only focus is upon running.

What has happened in the last week is a full awareness of what I am aspiring to achieve and no false perception of that being easy. Oh and I've bought a decent treadmill with quality incline. Granted I've not put it together yet, but it's in a box in my conservatory ready to be assembled. I've been more sensible with food and cut out a lot of rubbish. Not all of it, but it's a work in progress. I had an eye opener at Endure24 where I completed 5 laps in just over 5 hours but dropped after turning and ankle. So I've reflected and realised that at a few races my ankles have started to go . So time to add focused strength work into my training and crack on.

So what's next in this long term plan. Well, aside from getting the treadmill built and getting on it, I will be putting together a proper training plan and sticking to it. This will include getting to bed at sensible times. Late night is worst for snacking and being asleep at this time will probably save a bucket load of calories without have to resist any temptations. 

So this week will involve buckets of sweat, probably some swearing (construction of treadmill) and most of all added conviction to my goals.

Starting weight: 14st13.6
Current weight: 14st 11.2 

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