Thursday, 13 November 2014

Starting Again!

It seems like I have been in this position so many times. Weight fluctuating, never quite getting fit enough and question marks over what I could achieve always remaining. I could come up with many reasons and/or excuses for how things have played out.  Since completing the Centurion Running "Downs Double" in 2013 my quality of running has deteriorated. My passion for running has not, but I have slipped on long runs and volume. I have seen my weight go from 187lbs to 210lbs. In the last two weeks I have got it down to 206lbs although in the last few months it has fluctuated between 204 and 208lbs. It's time to break the back of this and press on.

I am done being annoyed regarding my weight gain and deterioration in fitness and more determined than ever to put it right. I have signed up to the Centurion Running Grandslam. There will be no where to hide when there races start. I will be there in the best possible shape to do them and myself justice.

I worked hard to achieve the Downs Double and loved it, but the point came to press on and life happened. I'm not saddened by this in anyway. I am blessed with a wonderful family and two beautiful children. My wife is supportive beyond measure, my biggest advocate and my biggest critic. She won't take any shit nor endure repeat excuses. When I'm falling behind in training because I'm not getting up she is the first to point out that perhaps I ought to be in bed before 2am. She has a very real point. Having a family means you have to make sacrifices and for me this is early starts to train. Before I have always got on with the training but never worried about being tired and the need to eat well. In effect I was riding my luck. I want to be an inspiration too my children. For as long as I live I want them too be commenting on the crazy things I'm doing. I also want them to see that it is about how you achieve success and not just about being successful. 

What this means to my training is lifestyle changes. I will be better at going to bed before 11pm to ensure I am properly awake to train. I will be eating better or more specifically snacking less. After the beacons ultra this weekend I will be drawing up a training plan that amalgamates the plans from "Ultramarathon Training" and "Brain training for runners." In effect I will be plotting this to utilise Target Pace Training as the core of my workouts.

I am really excited to see what happens over the next few months. No excuses just discipline and hard work.

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