Monday, 14 July 2014

Fat to Fit take 2! Week 2

Weight loss journey

So after a truly mental week at work (I'm normally more or less office/local area based and this week had to do over 900 miles of drive) with emergencies to address on top of normal workload, I have barely stood still. Not too much training done this week, but I did finish decorating my little boys new room. He loved it and so my week was all worth while.

I had also spent much of lady few weeks keeping my wife's baby shower a secret. SURPRISE! After the torrid pregnancy she has had it was a well deserved day of spoiling and time with amazing girly friends. They put on a great spread and my weight loss has been hampered as a result. Not because of the spread, but because distracting my wife in AM meant taking her out for breakfast. I knew the spread was being laid on and so had to dutifully eat half my wife's breakfast. Seriously they don't warn you about these challenges in Runners World

It's not been an ideal week for weight loss, but I've tried to keep some focus and I've put my new all singing and dancing treadmill together. It's pretty impress and even my wife agreed, although she stopped short of my description of it as sexy. I have managed a couple of runs on it and even if Cambridgeshire I've managed to do over 1600ft in 8miles. I'll review the treadmill (NordicTrack T14.2) properly when I've put it through its paces.

So a chaotic and tiring week but things are coming together. I haven't capitulated into a heap and I'm now feeling focused. Running on the treadmill I had the same sense of excitement and dedication as I started training for the Centurion Running Downs Double in 2013. This is going to be a successful training campaign I'm sure of it.

Starting weight: 14st13.6
Current weight: 14st10.2

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